Sunday, March 9, 2008

FABs Converged on Fabulous Fabric Projects

For the second Saturday in a row, I had the privilege of quilting with friends when the FABs converged on another FABulous FABric project. This time the friends were not located in the same place as I was--they were in three different locations in the U.S.

The chosen project was Ricky Tim's Convergence quilt. We have been chatting on line for a while now about this project. Some of us were counting the days, some were counting the sleeps. Some were so excited that they had to hide their pattern so they wouldn't work ahead of the scheduled day and time.

We decided to start working at 7:00 am Saturday morning. The most preparation you were allowed to do was to cut your four 16" squares of fabric. LindaJ was first to start as she is two hours ahead of the rest of us time zone wise. Pam decided to keep LindaJ company and started with LindaJ at 7:00 Linda's time. I knew I wouldn't be able to start quilting at 5:00 in the morning with the two of them (I am two time zones behind LindaJ) so I decided to adopt the Mountain time zone and started at 7:00 am Mountain time (6:00 am here). Cher started closer to 7:00 Pacific time--she was probably the smartest one of the bunch because she made sure she was well rested before taking out her rotary cutter or turning on her sewing machine!

These are the fabrics that I chose for my Convergence quilt.

This is a picture early in the process. You can see the various widths that the strips are cut. Yes, the narrowest strip is cut 1" wide--a pain but effective in the final quilt.

This is a picture after the strips are re-arranged, just before sewing them together into pairs.

These are all the strips sew together again. At this point, you turn your project 1/4 of a turn and repeat the cutting into strips, rearranging the strips, and then sewing them together again.

This is the finished top--with borders added. I have since quilted my piece and I am planning to block before binding as suggested by Ricky in his book.
This was a great day. This was a pattern/technique that I have wanted to try for a long time. I enjoyed working along with my friends and figuring out the pattern together. Having friends pulling along with you helps keep the project out of the UFO pile. Thanks to the Internet, computers, digital cameras, and IM it is possible to quilt with friends in different parts of the world!
Oh, Pam, I don't think any of these projects turned out like POCs so your mailbox is safe!
We had so much fun that we are already planning the next quilting day.


  1. Aha! I knew you'd have to write another post. Your convergence top is just lovely - makes me feel like I've gone to Hawaii! What a fun thing you all did - especially doing it together like that!

  2. What a fun idea to sew with each other like that.
    Oh I may have to try that one day...
    I love this quilt, I have seen lots of these and didn't think twice about them. YOurs the fabric choices are PERFECT and I love it.
    makes me want to try it now.

  3. I have very mixed feelings about these convergence quilts - sometimes they work others they don't - yours definitely does - I love your fabric choices and the clever border treatment finishes it off a treat

  4. That looks really good. One day I'll make's on my to-do list.

  5. I have this book and hope to try it one day. I hope I can find fabrics that work as well as yours did!

  6. POC ~~ HA! that is a matter of opinion...LOL but yes, you are right, I don't think there was a POC in the bunch this time around!

    I'm down to the handwork on the binding, hoping to have it finished in time for our first meal on the deck this year! whoo hoo


  7. a wise choice in fabrics...looks stunning. The border looks great and perfect for this convergence quilt!

  8. I like your borders best! wish I had thought to do the same, but, at least the top is done and sandwiched now.
    nothing like a sick day to make a bit of quilty progress!

  9. I love your Convergence quilt. It's stunning. The border really make the quilt zing!

  10. HI Norma,
    Your convergence turned out beautifully- I really do like the pattern and they always come out so interesting-
    Great colors and it sounds like the group of you had great fun..

  11. Great job on the Convergence quilt, Norma. I know you all had fun quilting "together" online. Beautiful colors..

  12. That is SO COOL! I love the fabrics you chose. There is a sample quilt at the local quilt shop here, but I've never really looked at it. I'm gonna now!

  13. Love your convergence. Thank you so much for the photos. I have the book but I just can't find the right fabrics. It comes out all mumble-jumble. Again, thanks.

  14. That turned out beautifully Norma. Thanks for the photos of the steps it took to get there.

  15. Great fabrics and a great pattern = a splendid quilt. You did a wonderful job putting it together.

  16. Very nice finished project! Way to go!!!