Friday, July 25, 2008

The FABs Wacky Challenge Reveal

Tonight was the big night! Tonight was the Wacky FAB Challenge reveal.

We weren't scheduled to open our exchange packages yet, but since everyone finished their challenges early and the packages had reached their destinations ahead of the August 1st deadline, the FABs arranged to meet on line and open their packages together tonight.

So this is how it started. Here is my computer with my package from Pam all ready to be opened. We chatted on line until everyone was present and accounted for.

Then in orderly fashion, with Pam conducting the group, we opened our packages one by one.

LindaJ opened her package first. She received some wonderful organizers (Wonder Wallet, coin purse, and tissue holder) and a purse to coral everything together from Pat.

Pat opened her package second. Pat's package contained a wonderful heart wall hanging from Cher.

Then Cher opened her package. Cher received a spiral table topper from me.

Then finally I got to open my package from Pam. I tore the paper off and.......

this is what was inside. A wonderfully cute sewing set--a pin cushion, a needle book/case, and a case for my scissors. Thank you, Pam!

Next Pam opened her package from LindaJ. After some tears, we heard that LindaJ had foundation pieced some wonderful cards.

Please visit each site highlighted to see the wonderful loot everyone received.

We continued to chat, and exchange pictures of our loot. Two of the FABs are already off and running with ideas for another exchange!

Maple Ridge Country Fest - July 19

Last Saturday was the Maple Ridge Country Fest and since the weather was great, we headed out to enjoy a day at the fair!

Just after getting through the gates we noticed this group of ladies gathering together. Don't they look like they are ready for a day of fun!

One of the exhibits was a Fibre fest. This is Wilbur the moose. He is made of all kinds of fibres and textures. Don't you just love his knitted socks!

Here is my mom posing with Wilbur. I told her we needed her in the picture to show the perspective of just how big Wilbur was but really, I just wanted to take her picture.
The guys (my DH and Dad) thought this sign was funny, "Gone hooking"! Of course it is referring to rug hooking. I am not sure what they thought it was referring to! LOL

This was Darth Router. His hands were made from pliers and his head from a router. My Dad was quite fascinated by him.

This was a Chianina steer that my DD was fascinated by. He was huge!

Of course a fair is all about the animals.

Doesn't my Dad look happy.

This is why. His favorite animal was the ducks.

I am sure if I tried to sleep like this my neck would be so sore!

This llama just stared at me.

She never took her eyes off of me--but then that is because she had this cute little baby with her.

Don't these guys look adorable?

Do you recognize these vegetables? That is my DD on the left as an ear of corn and my Mom on the right posing as a bunch of carrots.

This is Turkey Dana!
This photo is for my son. He wasn't with us, but I am sure if he was, he would have been fascinated by the outhouse.
And that was our day of fun at the fair!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Project Progress

This is my Halloween All About Me quilt--finally finished to the flimsy stage. In this picture, the quilt is hung from our deck. I have left my bike in the picture so you get the perspective of size--this is a large quilt!

This is a closeup of the spiderweb fabric that forms the border of my Halloween quilt. I think this border print made the quilt.

This is my first attempt at the Wonder Wallet. This prototype has been claimed by my DD. I modified the pattern to include a zipper--you can see the zipper pull poking out of the left side of the wallet in the picture. My daughter is using this for her i-Pod. She thinks that i need to make a couple of modifications to this prototype for earphones, charger, etc. Hmmm....she has me thinking.

This is my latest project. This pattern is Warm Wishes from the Quiltmaker magazine. I love this pattern and have made it several times. I had the fabric to make this quilt for years and decided that it had aged long enough and it was time to make this quilt. This is approximately 1/3 of the center of the quilt. Of course I will add borders. The final size of this quilt will be determined by the amount of fabric I have.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Wednesday's Mail

This is what was in the mail on Wednesday when I came home from work. The postcard is from Pat while she was on vacation in Michigan. The other items below the keyboard are from Pam.

There are foundation strips for doing flying geese and some Thangles for doing triangles. I am triangle phobic and Pam is determined to cure me. I believe I agreed to try triangles using her tools if she agreed to try making a scrap quilt. I think Pam is as scrap phobic as I am triangle phobic. Maybe we can come up with a scrappy triangle pattern and work on it together!

The brown paper package is my WFC--wacky FAB challenge. Pam had my name and I have Cher's name. I am getting ready to mail my package to Cher today. Once all the FABs have their packages, we will open them all together while we are on line together. Such fun!

I love getting mail. The only thing better than getting mail is getting mail from Internet buddies! Thank you Pat and Pam for making my day!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kilby Vintage Car Show - July 12

Last Saturday, my DD, my Dad, and I headed out to the Kilby Vintage Car Show. Kilby is a Historic Site at Harrison Mills in British Columbia--a museum of sorts. To read more about this site visit:

My daughter was in control of the camera and is responsible for all the shots, including those that appear somewhat, "artsy".

The paint job on this purple / flame car was amazing.

My dad got in this shot. He was talking to the owner of this car when this picture was taken--the fellow was saying something about putting the grandchildren in the back and tying them to a parachute.....

This shot shows a little of the yard. These are the Model A's all lined up for viewing.
My daughter thought this hood ornament looked like a chicken--I have to agree with her. I didn't think chickens could fly! Maybe they did in the days of the Model A!

This car was named, Olive and she was a beauty.

This car was imported to Canada from Northern California and is apparently quite rare. This car was manufactured by Henry Ford to attract the female buyer.
This car was exported from Canada to Norway before the war. During the war, the farmer in Norway who owned the car dismantled it and stored the pieces at many of the neighbours. He had dismantled the car to keep the invading Germans from taking it. Once the war was over, he put the car back together. This car is now back on Canadian soil and is in the hands of only its 5th owner since it was manufactured!

This is another shot of the yard. Notice the long johns hanging on the line.

These last shots were taken inside Kilby General Store. The items in this store / museum really take you back in time.

I would have loved to get my hands on those wooden spools of thread.

This is the stove in the store.

We had a great time. The weather cooperated but the mosquitoes did not. After we had our lunch in the shade we took one last look around and headed back home.