Saturday, July 19, 2008

Project Progress

This is my Halloween All About Me quilt--finally finished to the flimsy stage. In this picture, the quilt is hung from our deck. I have left my bike in the picture so you get the perspective of size--this is a large quilt!

This is a closeup of the spiderweb fabric that forms the border of my Halloween quilt. I think this border print made the quilt.

This is my first attempt at the Wonder Wallet. This prototype has been claimed by my DD. I modified the pattern to include a zipper--you can see the zipper pull poking out of the left side of the wallet in the picture. My daughter is using this for her i-Pod. She thinks that i need to make a couple of modifications to this prototype for earphones, charger, etc. Hmmm....she has me thinking.

This is my latest project. This pattern is Warm Wishes from the Quiltmaker magazine. I love this pattern and have made it several times. I had the fabric to make this quilt for years and decided that it had aged long enough and it was time to make this quilt. This is approximately 1/3 of the center of the quilt. Of course I will add borders. The final size of this quilt will be determined by the amount of fabric I have.


  1. isn't your WW lovely! and I like how your Halloween top turned out too-what a cute wallet!

  2. That turned out great... seasonal quilts are great fun to make. ;) And what perfect black spiderwebby fabric for the border!

  3. I am still loving this pattern - great to see your top - it will be just perfect come Halloween time1!!

    Warm Wishes is becoming such a classic quilt pattern - a great place to use some bigger prints too!


  4. The spider web fabric is perfect for this quilt. And I love how the Warm Wishes quilt looks. Good use of that large fall print.

    I must be the only one who has not made a WW by now? Maybe Cher hasn't?? One of these days perhaps but then Pam took pity on me and is sending one.