Monday, February 20, 2006

Another Borrowed Quilt

This is another one of the many quilts that my mother has borrowed. It is a small nine patch that hangs in the hallway of my parents' house.

I have resolved that is probably a good thing that there are so many of my pieces "on loan" to my mother. This way the collection is spread between houses. In the event of natural disaster or fire, at least I will loose only 1/2 of my work!

Completed Crumb Quilt Flimsy

Do you recognize this one?

This is the crumb quilt as a completed top or "flimsy". I finished adding the extra row of blocks and borders on Sunday night.

This is the quilt's debut on my Parents' bed.

The quilt now needs to be quilted.

I think the blue lamp is going to have to go though, don't you?

This picture is of my Dad and I having a look at some of the details in the fabric scraps that went into this quilt.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Quilts Borrowed

My mother is one of my biggest fans. She has several quilts that I have given her as gifts over the years. However, sometimes she has a "need" for a quilt that I have not yet fulfilled with a gifted quilt. This is when she "borrows" just the right quilt from my stash of finished projects. Yesterday, she hung this "borrowed" quilt near her front door. It was just the right size and says, "Spring" a little better than the Snowman Quilt that was previously hanging in that spot.

This quilt was too large to hang next to the front door, so this "borrowed" quilt found a temporary new home on the centre of my parents' table.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Great View!

This is the view from our house. When you look out the living room window, my bedroom, and the office, this is the view that you see.

It is sunny and cold here today. The humidity is only at 23% - very low for a climate known for its endless rain in the winter. Tonight we are expecting high winds. The weather man says that the temperature is supposed to drop to -14 degrees Celsius tonight. This is also much colder that we usually see at this time of year.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Progress on the Nine Patch and Snowball UFO

This is a picture of the Nine Patch and Snowball UFO that I am currently working on. I posted a picture of the un-quilted top on Feb. 3. Here it is re-loaded on my long arm - turned 180 degrees so that I can quilt the borders.

By the way, today is a beautiful clear sunny day! There is no better place to be on a day like this than in my quilt studio. I have a very large window that runs the length of my long arm. I love nothing more than to open the blinds and quilt in the perfect light of the sun! Even Joey loves this weather. That is Joey sitting on the window ledge.

Happy Valentine's Day!

I found a page while surfing the net that allows you to create your own candy hearts for Valentine's Day! Follow this link and have fun creating your own messages:

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Tonight's Supper

Supper doesn't get fresher than this!

This fish was caught today by my husband - a Steelhead. We will be barbecuing it tonight.

Friday, February 3, 2006

Project in Motion

I just love the language of quilting. Quilters are not only creative with their craft, but they are also creative in the words that they develop to describe what they are doing. While surfing quilt blogs, I came across Darilyn's blog from Hawaii where she refers to her UFOs as "Projects in Motion". I just love that description.

This is the Project In Motion that I am currently working on. This photo shows the quilt as a flimsy. It has been partly quilted on my long arm. I have quilted many concentric circles on the blocks and a clam shell design on the top and bottom borders. After I am finished tying off and burying all of the threads from the circles in the batting layer, I will re-mount in on the long arm and quilt the remaining two borders. I will re-post a picture after it is bound.