Friday, February 3, 2006

Project in Motion

I just love the language of quilting. Quilters are not only creative with their craft, but they are also creative in the words that they develop to describe what they are doing. While surfing quilt blogs, I came across Darilyn's blog from Hawaii where she refers to her UFOs as "Projects in Motion". I just love that description.

This is the Project In Motion that I am currently working on. This photo shows the quilt as a flimsy. It has been partly quilted on my long arm. I have quilted many concentric circles on the blocks and a clam shell design on the top and bottom borders. After I am finished tying off and burying all of the threads from the circles in the batting layer, I will re-mount in on the long arm and quilt the remaining two borders. I will re-post a picture after it is bound.

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