Tuesday, July 8, 2008

All About Me

This is tonight's progress on my Halloween version of "All About Me". Three rows are now together.

I am having a little bit of difficulty since I don't have a design wall to put this up on. I tried placing the blocks on a piece of flannel. That worked, but I don't have a wall big enough to hang the flannel on. I have been using the floor as a substitute design wall and then moving the blocks to the bed of my long arm.

I am planning to make my quilt 8 blocks wide by 9 blocks long. That will make my quilt's finished size 88" x 99". I haven't decided if I will add borders or not.


  1. really coming out great Norma! love the colors

  2. Ahhh - the design floor . . . one of my favorite tools *s* Love the quilt.

  3. This is wonderfully bright and happy...it will keep you awake and you and Harold will be able to play "I Spy"! LOL

    Have you started on your mom's? You know it would be easy to be making 2 at one time...that way hers will be done at the same time as yours! LOL LOL


  4. Your quilt sure is cute. I don't have a design wall, either. I guess I started quilting before anyone really visualized a quilt as something to hang up on a wall. I like to put my blocks on the bed. I use a plain sheet underneath, or the back of one of my quilts.

  5. I use the floor for a design wall when I am working on bigger quilts. Ya' do what you gotta da!
    I like your Halloween quilt very much.