Friday, July 25, 2008

The FABs Wacky Challenge Reveal

Tonight was the big night! Tonight was the Wacky FAB Challenge reveal.

We weren't scheduled to open our exchange packages yet, but since everyone finished their challenges early and the packages had reached their destinations ahead of the August 1st deadline, the FABs arranged to meet on line and open their packages together tonight.

So this is how it started. Here is my computer with my package from Pam all ready to be opened. We chatted on line until everyone was present and accounted for.

Then in orderly fashion, with Pam conducting the group, we opened our packages one by one.

LindaJ opened her package first. She received some wonderful organizers (Wonder Wallet, coin purse, and tissue holder) and a purse to coral everything together from Pat.

Pat opened her package second. Pat's package contained a wonderful heart wall hanging from Cher.

Then Cher opened her package. Cher received a spiral table topper from me.

Then finally I got to open my package from Pam. I tore the paper off and.......

this is what was inside. A wonderfully cute sewing set--a pin cushion, a needle book/case, and a case for my scissors. Thank you, Pam!

Next Pam opened her package from LindaJ. After some tears, we heard that LindaJ had foundation pieced some wonderful cards.

Please visit each site highlighted to see the wonderful loot everyone received.

We continued to chat, and exchange pictures of our loot. Two of the FABs are already off and running with ideas for another exchange!


  1. What fun! And I know you two had lots of fun discussing this when you got together this summer and bought the official FABs colored fabric.

    All the projects turned out so differently using that same basic piece of mixed purples. We gotta do Christmas in July again! Or I guess it is 'summer in winter' according to the next schemers, er, pals.

  2. What a gorgeous of sewing tools. The FABs had a wonderful challenge.

  3. Thanks for organizing this was fun!

    I love the sewing set that Pam made for you and the spiral table topper you gave to Cher is beautiful!

    I can't believe how special each gift is, how different yet using the same fabric as the starting point :)

    Can hardly wait to see what the next schemers, er, FAB's will come up with :)