Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kilby Vintage Car Show - July 12

Last Saturday, my DD, my Dad, and I headed out to the Kilby Vintage Car Show. Kilby is a Historic Site at Harrison Mills in British Columbia--a museum of sorts. To read more about this site visit:

My daughter was in control of the camera and is responsible for all the shots, including those that appear somewhat, "artsy".

The paint job on this purple / flame car was amazing.

My dad got in this shot. He was talking to the owner of this car when this picture was taken--the fellow was saying something about putting the grandchildren in the back and tying them to a parachute.....

This shot shows a little of the yard. These are the Model A's all lined up for viewing.
My daughter thought this hood ornament looked like a chicken--I have to agree with her. I didn't think chickens could fly! Maybe they did in the days of the Model A!

This car was named, Olive and she was a beauty.

This car was imported to Canada from Northern California and is apparently quite rare. This car was manufactured by Henry Ford to attract the female buyer.
This car was exported from Canada to Norway before the war. During the war, the farmer in Norway who owned the car dismantled it and stored the pieces at many of the neighbours. He had dismantled the car to keep the invading Germans from taking it. Once the war was over, he put the car back together. This car is now back on Canadian soil and is in the hands of only its 5th owner since it was manufactured!

This is another shot of the yard. Notice the long johns hanging on the line.

These last shots were taken inside Kilby General Store. The items in this store / museum really take you back in time.

I would have loved to get my hands on those wooden spools of thread.

This is the stove in the store.

We had a great time. The weather cooperated but the mosquitoes did not. After we had our lunch in the shade we took one last look around and headed back home.


  1. looks like a fun day. It is fun to go into the past.

  2. What a fun, fun time! I love looking at old cars especially with my husband who ahem, has a few years on me. He had to keep them running when he was a kid and you could really work on one.

    I remember hearing it said that Henry Ford said you could get a car any color you like as long as it was BLACK, LOL. You found one for a female buyer, you said.

  3. My DH saw the classic cars and did like them. He is very much into that hobby.Thank you for showing them! We giggled about the long handled underwear...

  4. What a great show . . . love the museum shots. They just bring the whole thing together - vintage cars and vintage shops. Don't get me started on the clothesline *s*