Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Open House at the Greenhouse

Today my daughter and I visited one of the local greenhouses during their Christmas Open House. Seeing the sea of poinsettias makes me feel like Christmas is near.

This is the poinsettia that followed us home and now lives in our dining room.


  1. Gosh I love Poinsettias, I can't even imagine how you managed to bring home just one of them. You know, I've never seen a pink one before - amazing!

  2. Oh, Norma -- they are just gorgeous! I couldn't have chosen just one color :)

  3. Gee Whiz, thats a lot of poinsettias! Very Pretty!

  4. A beauty . . . . and surely sets the holiday mood *s*

  5. How very pretty and definitely a nice fit with the table topper you set it on!

    What a wonderful array of color--the Picasso and Shimmer Pink are probably my favorites!

  6. WOW! I don't think I"ve ever seen so many in one place!

  7. Norma, I believe that you are the one who has signed up for the Black and White Quilt Challenge. I have not been able to send an invite to you as you don't have a blogging profile or e-mail. If you wouldn't mind going to my profile and clicking on the e-mail and then sending me your e-mail address. I then would be able to send the invite to you and you could participate and post in the blog.


  8. How many did you say that was?

    Fabulous display! Classy names.

  9. Hi Norma,
    The poinsettias look absolutely gorgeous- I love them as they were my wedding flowers ( we were married on Boxing Day) -Each year we have them in our house at this time of year- I actually have a small one that has survived from last year but I don't think the leaves will turn color as you have to put them in darkness for awhile.
    Soon I will post about my poinsettia quilt.
    Thanks for sharing your trip.

  10. GORGEOUS! mom wanted to go and we didn't end up out there, seeing your pictures i wish we had!

  11. I want a poinsettia! We were afraid the dog would chew on it but I realized I could put one in the kitchen where he can't each it. Hopefully, I can find one this weekend. I love yours on the table with the quilt.