Saturday, January 3, 2009

FAB Challenge

I have been quilting lately. However, I have been working on a secret project and I can't share much in the way of pictures.

The project I have been working on is a challenge - amongst the FABs. We have all been given a piece of the challenge fabric, this bright yellow/orange fabric. We have been challenged to produce a quilt using this fabric with the theme of "summer". Once our projects are complete, we will be exchanging our projects with another FAB in our group. Since the project is a secret, I can't show you much. However, I can show you one of the "go with" fabrics that I used in this project. Here is just a sliver of that fabric.

Once my project has been received by Pat and we have our "reveal", I will show a photo of the completed project.


  1. just a sliver! That doesn't give us much to go on LOL. Won't belong before we are able to post a full picture of our for all of us FABs.


  2. I'm with Pam! That's no clue though it looks like it goes perfectly with that tropical camo.

    Reveal will be here before you know it! I know you have been working like crazy to get finished up with your obligations.

  3. Oooo-la-la! I'm going to love it as I love the little sliver of the campanion fabric! :)

    Thanks for working so hard when you have so much to do and get ready for your trip. Enjoy your trip and we'll *reveal* when you get back home :)