Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Bike

Sleek, simple and stylish.
Perfect for trips around town when one speed is all you need.
Nearly maintenance-free drive train.
Coaster brake for consistent, fully-sealed braking power.
Fully enclosed drive train for grease-free commuting.

This is my latest purchase--a new bike--just like I remember when I was growing up. A single speed, brakes on the pedals, simple type of bike. On nice evenings like tonight, it is nice to get out in the fresh air and ride. My parents and my son and daughter all have bikes so there is usually someone to ride with.

This is a picture that my mom snapped last week when my daughter and I finished riding with my dad.


  1. I just got a new bike too - I need ot blog about her...

  2. I've seen similar bikes around town. I love the style and they look comfortable to ride. I love the color of yours.

  3. You be stylin' on the new wheels, Norma, LOL. Good for you! I know you will get those KMs a lot faster than I can walk 'em.

  4. Everybody seems to be getting bikes. I love mine. 'Course I ride mine to & from work (10 miles round trip). It has 21 gears and shock absorbers on front and back, larger tires with heavyduty tubes. I had a run in with a patch of goat's head burs last year that flattened both tires! It's a cross between a mountain bike and a commuter bike. I loves him.

  5. Looking good! I haven't been out on a bike in years! Is it cool enough for jackets?

  6. That really looks like fun. Good for you.

  7. Look at you on that cute bike! Bikes are finally looking fun again, and I like that they are pedal brakes, etc. I never got all that gear stuff. Have fun!