Sunday, August 12, 2007

Nice Matters Award

While reading Joyce's (J's Quilting Blog) post from last Friday, I saw that she had nominated me for the Nice Matters Award. "This award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also, for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world. Once you've been awarded please pass it on to 7 others who you feel are deserving of this award."
Thank you Joyce! Joyce is a fellow Canadian quilter and blogger. I feel a kinship to Joyce as she currently lives in one of the Canadian Prairie provinces next to the province where I was born and lived as a child. Joyce is more of an artist than I am and I always enjoy reading about her projects--she is not afraid to venture outside the box. I usually start my quilts with a commercial pattern, whereas, Joyce is not afraid to start from her ideas--no pattern. Look back at Joyce's posts where she builds her farm yard animals from scraps and you will see what I mean.
Here are my nominations in no particular order.
Linda J (Life With Quilts and A Little Old Lady in A Fur Coat - Linda continues to keep me motivated and inspired. I have yet to meet someone with a better "mental filing cabinet" than Linda. If you have a quilting question regarding something you have seen somewhere, what the name of a block or quilt is, where to find a pattern, etc., Linda can usually find it for you in her computer achieves or on the Internet--within minutes, sometimes seconds! Linda has a very generous soul and not only does she spend most of her time making quilts for charities--The Boys and Girls Ranches, Wrap Them in Love, etc., she keeps those who come in contact with her inspired to do the same!
Pam (My Creative Mind) - Pam is a very generous quilter as well. Pam has a goal of making and collecting from other quilters a total of 200 quilts that will be given to children living in orphanages in Mexico. Pam is quick to share her personal bounty. When I commented last spring that there was no local source for purchasing St. Patrick's Day fabrics in my part of the world, Pam was quick to respond with a package filled with St. Patrick's Day yardage.
Cher (Marathon Quilter) - Cher is also a quilter who is generous with her quilting talents. Cher is currently quilting for the Wrap Them in Love charity group and inspiring other quilters to do so as well. Cher, Pam, LindaJ and myself often meet up with one another on-line and chat. These ladies are all great quilting friends.
Patti (Quilting is My Passion - Patti always amazes me with how much she can accomplish from a bin of scraps! I have been inspired to make many of my projects after seeing Patti's accomplishments.
Pam (Pam's Pages) - Pam is also a fellow Canadian quilter and blogger. Pam only lives about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away from me by car but we have not yet met in person......some day! It is nice to have a fellow quilter in the same geographical location to keep me apprised of what is happening in the quilt world at the opposite end of this valley. It was Pam who reminded me of one of my favorite quilt guild's quilt shows--without that reminder, I would have missed that show!
Chookyblue - Chookyblue provides us with wonderful pictures of every day life in Australia. Through Chookyblue's posts, I am able to virtually visit a country that I will likely never see in person. Chookyblue is also organizing a Christmas Present Swap.
Libby (A Simple Girl) - Libby does wonderful handwork. I am primarily a machine work person and have great admiration for those who can do such wonderful handwork. Libby is a regular reader of my blog and I appreciate the time she takes to leave such wonderful comments.
Sticking to the "rules" of the award, I have limited my nominations to just 7. However, there are many, many other quilting bloggers out there who are also deserving of this award!


  1. OMG Norma thankyou so much.......nice to know someone appreciates my pics.......I do get some very nice comments about them.....I do like seeing other parts of the world that I will never get to.....

  2. Congrats on your win Norma, you certainly deserve it. I agree with your choices of nominations too. Congrats go out to them as well.

  3. Thank you for the kind words Norma. We really should try to meet up one day!

    I was out to Quilt Essentials in Abbotsford on Sunday for the big "pieces by the pound" sale. Did you get out to it? It is happening all week. Boy that was fun!

  4. *blush* Thank you for such kind words. I do just love getting out and seeing what everyone is up to . . . and if I'm going to look, well I just have to leave a little note. Hubby tells me I just love to talk too much *s*

  5. A well deserved award, Norma!

    I pop in very often but I don't always leave a comment. I do enjoy seeing everything you're doing!

  6. wow, I am speechless Norma, do tell me ....what do I do next? do you send me a hmtl (you know!) for the award featured? ever will I chose only 7 people?

  7. Oh dear - I see in one of the very first posts I read that way back on August 12th you nominated me for the "Nice Blogger" award. And I didn't acknowledge it because I was too far behind in reading to know it. I'm so sorry, and so touched that you feel me deserving of this award. Thank you so much - better late than never I guess!