Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt!

Today was my DS's 22nd birthday.

Tradition in our house allows for the birthday boy or girl to choose the menu for the evening. Matthew chose cannelloni with garlic bread and Caesar salad. For desert, an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

Matthew insisted on lighting all 22 candles himself.

He did have to put up with the rest of us singing, Happy Birthday before he could blow out the candles, though!

We gave Matt a membership to BCAA. We know if his older model truck breaks down or he runs out of gas, he is just a phone call away from help.....peace of mind for us as the parents! We also gave him the cash to buy new roller blades. Matt plays in a roller hockey league for fun. The exercise provides balance to his chosen employment in the computer field.

Happy Birthday, Matt!

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  1. And Happy Birthday to Matt! Hope all those candles didn't get the ice cream part melting.

    It is good that your two "kids" don't have to share their special days since they are only a few days apart on the calendar. (One of my brother's is the day before mine and we only had to share our bday cake twice in 18 years--not too bad.)