Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Wish I Was Still In Arizona

I have been busy lately going through my vacation photos of my recent trip to Arizona and California. I still have more to share with you, but it takes time to sort through them and then post to Blogger.

The pictures in today's post look like pictures I would have taken in December. Nope, these pictures were taken this afternoon! Here we are back in the middle of the cold, wintry, snowy weather.

I am going to go back to looking through those vacation photos and dreaming of the warm sunny skies that I recently experienced in Arizona.


  1. took me almost an hour to drive home from work this afternoon!

  2. let me know when you are headed south cause I am goimg too.
    Enough is enough already.

  3. I think they have called this global warming

  4. Amazing photos....we don't have weather like that in Australia!

  5. I am certainly enjoying your Arizona pictures.

    Isn't this just the worst winter ever!! All though you were lucky enough to miss a big part of it - I guess there needed to be one last hurrah just for you!!

    I hope it's not too bad tomorrow.

  6. UGH! Not more of that white stuff again. I was hoping that Matt and Harold would get a break from all that shoveling.

    What a contrast to the gorgeous blue skies and such from your trip!