Saturday, May 13, 2006

Coquitlam Quilt Show

Today, the weather was sunny and clear. A perfect day for a drive to a nearby community to enjoy their quilt show. My quilt traveling friend, Dot and I headed to Coquitlam to the Quilt Rhapsody on Blue Mountain Quilt Show.

The Blue Mountain Quilters Guild puts a small but very nice show every other year. Dot and I had a hard time deciding which of the many lovely quilts to vote on for Viewer's Choice. The following pictures are of my pick. The fabrics in this quilt were oriental designs and the whole thing was hand quilted. The piecing was very precise. Very beautiful!

I have posted more pictures from this show on Webshots. If you would like to attend a virtual quilt show, take a look:


  1. WOW - Nice use of the Orientals... (I have a collection, but would have been afraid to chop them up so small...) I am still nto goign to do a pineapple, but....

  2. Thanks for the quilt show, I enjoyed seeing your webshots!