Sunday, May 7, 2006

PieceMakers 2005 Round Robin - Part I

Last year, the Quilt Guild that I belong to--PieceMakers--organized a Round Robin.

Our Round Robin was organized into groups of 5 quilters. To start, everyone was to supply a block that would become the center of their quilt. It was suggested that we use an orphan block - something we already had on hand, something that we started previously and never made it into a quilt, a block that was now sitting on our UFO pile. This was an opportunity to start a new project while finishing off one of those pesky UFOs!

At the guild meeting in January, we passed our center block to someone else in our group. That person made the first border which was a narrow, dark coloured border. At the next meeting in February, the projects were passed to the next person in the group who added a pieced border. At the March meeting, the pieces were passed to the next person who added a pieced border. At the April meeting, we passed to the next person in our group who added the applique border. At the May meeting, we passed to the last person in our group who added a wide border to finish off the top.

Finally, we all returned with our completed flimsies to the June meeting where we returned the quilt tops to their owners - back to the person who supplied the original center block. This was the first time these people had seen these tops since they had turned in their original block. This meeting was filled with excitement and anticipation as each quilt top was revealed to its owner.

These are the quilt tops from my Round Robin group.

First, my own Round Robin - not yet quilted. I had intended to make an entire Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt but only ever finished one block. This was the perfect project to ensure that one lonely block had a home since it is clear that the Grandmother's Flower Garden project is a way off in the future somewhere.

This Dresden plate top accented with butterflies is Tina's.

This "chicken" top belongs to Lesley.

This Fall inspired top belongs to Patricia.


  1. How pretty! They all turned out well. I think yours is the prettiest and the chicken the most "fun"

    I wish our present group RR did not have so many stinkin' rules. The width is already set as it is the"use triangles" and "use squares and rectangles" The one that really takes the cake is 2 inch border any technique----WHAT?!

    Still, it is a learning experience.

  2. Very lovely!! I enjoy doing round robins - as well as looking at others. It gives me ideas on how to "finish" quilts other than the standard "solid border"

  3. Sounds like this was a nicely-organized and very successful round robin. Sometimes they aren't! :)
    All the tops are great. I'm partial to Patricia's because I'm an autumn-color person.


  4. How fun, thanks for sharing! Beautiful wall hangings made from lonely little orphans.