Sunday, November 5, 2006

Quilting Companion--Joey

It is hard to see what is in this picture because the subject is black and does not photograph well. This is a picture of Joey. Last weekend after the quilt show, the quilts that I brought home were put on the bench in the entrance and guess who found them! Joey has learned that quilts present the softest spot to sleep. When I read Finn's latest post about Ebby, I smiled because I could totally relate!

Joey came to live with us as an older kitten. He had already been on his own, running wild on a farm when we adopted him at six months of age. It took a considerable amount of time to get him to come out from behind the couch. Joey still doesn't do visitors well. He usually disappears when someone new comes over. The only people he doesn't run away from are my parents. If my dad puts his hand over the side of the chair Joey will come under his hand to get his back rubbed.

When I am at home, Joey is my constant companion. He follows me from room to room and if I sit at the computer, he is on my lap. He does not like to be cuddled, but he does like to lay on my lap--on his terms only.

My mother felt that I should have a cat perch for my studio window for Joey. I purchased the perch, mounted it and introduced it to Joey. He was not impressed at first. I had to lift him onto it several times over several days before he finally would get up there on his own. Now if I am working in the studio, Joey is on his perch. This is a picture of him from a few days ago.

This post is dedicated to my quilting buddy--Joey.


  1. Joey is beautiful, and I LOVE his perch! He looks so happy there...

  2. Hi Joey! I miss my cat - she's very happy in Maine with my mom, though.

  3. What a pretty boy Joey is---those eyes and the contrast on the white makes him easier to see today.

    Pippi loves her perch--the one in the bedroom more than the sewing room but the one in here is newer and less of a habit for her.

  4. I like the sheepskin covering for it... but in your sewing room/studio, shouldn't that perch have a washable quilted cover? In black to match Joey's fur? *giggles*

  5. Joey is just like our Madaline. He looks a lot like her, but it sounds like he behaves like her too, so I can totally relate. Maddy runs from strangers and especially from little people. We've had her from a kitten, so I don't really know why she's so shy.
    Joey is very handsome indeed.

  6. Joey does look happy on his perch. I wish my pups would hang out with me in my sewing room, but they are too big and the room's too small. I think they are afraid I'll step on their tail(s)!!