Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sucker Hole

Our weather for this month has consisted of rain and wind, rain and wind, and even more rain and wind. Occasionally we see a "sucker hole" like the one above. A sucker hole for those who are not familiar with that weather forecasting term is a patch of blue sky surrounded by dark clouds. That optimistic patch of sky "sucks" us into thinking the weather is getting better--hence a sucker hole! Every time I see one of these patches of sky lately, I am hopeful the weather is turning for the better. What a sucker I am!


  1. A gorgeous picture, Norma. I didn't know it had a name though. I may have seen something like that last week here when the Canadian Express came blasting in, LOL. Is the weather getting a bit depressing since it is lingering on and on?

    How did I miss this post, I wonder. I swear I have looked both on bloglines and by going directly to your blog.

  2. love that term! I am ever hopeful for a break from the grey skies and rain here too.

  3. I've never heard that expression - it's great, and so true!