Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Has Arrived!

Yes, it really was this hot today on our deck! This picture was taken this afternoon after I came home from work.

They are calling this the hottest day of the year. Weather records were broken all over the province.

The forecast is for more sun, sun, and more sun!


  1. I can't believe it's so hot there! Here it's rain, rain and more rain and low 20s. My niece in Saskatoon said that on the 7th they had a huge hailstorm that had baseball sized hailstones. They actually caved in the window of her truck as well as breaking all the windows in the house. Is this the result of global warming??

  2. It has been really here in Toronto as well this week - a "cold front" swept over yesterday and it is, once again, back to seasonal. Yesterday we had awful wind - today is beautiful!

  3. My son said it got to 107 in Portland...he was miserable! Last night we had a huge rain storm and this morning the air is so fresh and clean.


  4. Oh dear! I hope you have some air conditioning and that it is working!

  5. Wow - I hope you are doing everything you can to stay cool *s*

  6. Ohmigosh! That's about 118 F! I didn't think it ever got that hot in any part of Canada! Do you even have air conditioning - I know a lot of places in California don't and those people get miserable when the heat soars.

  7. My word! That's hot even by Aussie standards. Seems like a good time to be inside!

  8. I loved being on Cape Cod where it was warm (28 to 30 most days)... now I am back along the coast of Canada and it was 15 yesterday, foggy and a cool breeze. Geeze - we are wearing our fleece jackets. But almost 50 - well that IS just a tad bit too hot, even if it is summer. Hope things cool down for your soon - send a bit of that warm air my way!



  9. That's just sick! Creatures should not have to live in that much heat! I would gladly take feet of snow over heat anyday! Hope you're staying cool!