Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Chilliwack Quilt Show - October 20, 2007

These are pictures from the second quilt show that I attended in October. I was able to attend with my quilting friend, Colette. Colette was the friend that got me started quilting. Because she no longer lives close by, we don't get the same opportunities to spend time together that we used to.

As we entered the show, this was the quilter that greeted us!
Colette forgot her camera so I took pictures of this quilt for her. This is a string quilt with applique. The applique was raw edge.

There was a challenge sponsored by the guild where you were to make a quilt with a "leaf" theme.

My favorite quilt in the challenge category was this bear paw quilt with appliqued leaves in the corners. The machine quilting was beautiful!

There were a number of round robin quilts at this show.

Spending an afternoon at a quilt show with a friend is the best!


  1. I love the display that greeted you at the quilt show! It already put a smile on your face, I bet. My old guild in IL did a lot of decorating as well and looking at the displays was as fun as seeing the quilts.

    Lovely quilts, spending some time with your good friend--sounds like a great day to me! I like seeing the round robins as you never know when I might need the inspiration if I don't learn to say "no" about doing another one, LOL.

  2. What a fun display of quilts . . . this is my second quilt show of the day - and I'm still in my jammies *s*

  3. Nice to see that two shows Norma - thanks for the pictures. Very cute display at the entry way.
    I was just at the Vancouver quilt guild show last Sunday. Did you go to that? It is pretty far for you to go though.

  4. Such beautiful quilts. The winter tree scene is my favorite.

  5. Hello Norma,
    I find in your blog a lot of nice pictures, thanks for share.

  6. Hi, Norma, thank you for posting the show quilts (and your greeter lol). I like the house quilt best of all.

  7. Wow -- the snow and bare trees quilt is really striking!