Sunday, November 18, 2007

Table Runners

I have been working on Christmas table runners using a quick and easy pattern from Ursula Riegel--a Canadian quilt designer from Victoria, BC. This is the link to her web page:

The first picture with the snowmen in the border and the holly in the center is a picture of the first table runner that I completed. It is now quilted and bound--ready for gift giving.

I have always used Warm and Natural batting in my table runners / toppers and that is what I used in this first table runner. When my mother and I were at the Creative Expo last weekend, we were in a vendor booth where there were some wonderful table runners, but they were quilted much flatter than mine. I inquired what the batting was and discovered that this particular shop uses Hobbs' Thermore in their table runners. The shop owner told me that Thermore makes a thinner, flatter product more suitable for items that are to be used on the table. This helps ensure that things like wine glasses don't tip over when set on the table runner. This was a eureka moment for me--I wondered why I didn't think of something so simple. I will be quilting future table runners with Thermore.

The next two runners are just flimsies at this point. I did not have any Thermore at home until I made a run into the LQS yesterday so these are still unquilted.

Just a note about Thermore. When I was in the LQS yesterday, they told me that Hobbs is having some challenges with the production of Thermore right now. One of the fibres that they use is no longer available. If you purchase the "new" Thermore, you will find that it is flatter and stiffer. I managed to get some of the old formula -- prepackaged in a bag which is the soft Thermore we are used to. Apparently the factory is doing some re-formulations and is trying to get a combination of fibres that more closely resembles the old formulation.

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  1. Pretty table runners. I have some quilts I use all year round as tablecloths and love using them but do have the issue of things toppling over. Thanks for the Thermore tip. I'll try it sometime in the future.