Tuesday, November 27, 2007

First Snow

This is what we woke up to this morning.
This is the first snow of the season.
Winter is officially here!


  1. We have a bit less snow than you have. I want more. I like winter to look like winter. Of course I don't drive 20 miles to work any more. Lol.

  2. Are your winters usually quite snowy? Some winters we get several, others we may have practically none. Everyone gets excited when we have a 'white Christmas' but usually we don't have them, just sometimes. I like snow and when it is snowing it always brightens my mood, it's so pretty. We're still waiting on our first one.

  3. We bought snow shovels at the hardware store this week (a little one for Little Boy and a Momma sized one for me). I bought snow shovels last year too, but I was on Cape Cod so I guess my Dad gets to keep them - because I am not going down there to fetch them! Anyway, I told my son - always good to have a snow shovel BEFORE it snows! Car scraper/brush LIVES in the truck so at least I don't have to worry about buying a new one of those. 1st snow always looks so pretty.



  4. This is the first winter I can remember where I'm really just longing for spring - not sure why that is. Luckily for me, no snow in Seattle (yet?). You may have my share.

  5. What a lovely home you have! No more snow for me. I grew up in Nova Scotia, but now live in Calif. I'd rather just enjoy the photo. If we want snow, we drive up to the mountain tops.

  6. We're in the middle of really hot weather right now, so you can't imagine how inviting that snow looks!

  7. Please keep it over there - I hate the stuff!! :o)

  8. Wish you could send a little to me *s*

  9. LOL, I'm with Anne---keep that stuff up there. The frost we have on the ground this morning is all the white I care to see. Are you ready for winter? Even if you aren't, it's there. That got slushy in a hurry, looks like.

  10. Brrrrr!!!!!!

    Looks so pretty though. No snow here in Texas at all. About 55 degrees and very nice.

    Happy belated b-day!!


  11. Happy Belated Birthday, Norma! November is such a great month to have a birthday.

    Thank you for showing your quilting on the embroidered customer quilt. I have several with embroidery and wanted to have my longarm quilter quilt them but wasn't sure how it could be done so now I have some ideas. Looks fantastic!

    Awesome guild quilts, too. Fun pictures :) Enjoy the snow.

  12. Wow, that is beyond my experience but looks great. I would have to garden differently I guess if I lived somewhere that it snowed...good excuse to hide away and sew though!