Saturday, August 16, 2008

NW Washington Fair - Lynden - Aug 12

These pictures were taken of the free grandstand show. These are the two teams that brought in the flags from the US and Canada while the national anthems of both countries were sung.
These young girls did a synchronized performance on their Haflingers.

The NW Washington Fair is home to 9 Six-horse draft hitches. The night we watched this performance, 8 of the 9 hitches were in the ring at the same time doing a "free drive".

One of the highlights of the grandstand show is always the Crazy Eights. These are teams of 8 ponies each. Once all teams are in the arena, the announcer lets them move around the area in a "free drive"-- which is done at full gallop.
In all the years that I have seen this performance, one team has never run into another or gotten tangled up with another. It is quite something to watch.

This was a fellow with his trick horse.

He was able to get this horse to lay on his back--not something a horse will normally do.

Of course the highlight of our day at the fair was seeing Randy Travis' concert!

This was the perfect conclusion to a perfect day at the fair!


  1. That would have been a perfect day for me too! Love your photos of the teams and hitches. I was able to see Randy Travis in Dubuque, Iowa last summer.

    The Quiltwhinney

  2. What fun, Norma! I saw Randy Travis in concert years ago at Illinois State University---a real treat and what a voice!