Saturday, August 16, 2008

NW Washington Fair - Lynden - Aug 12

After looking at all the quilts, we went exploring. These gorgeous hanging baskets were everywhere at the fair and everywhere in downtown Lynden. Of course two other "flowers" got into the picture--my Mom and my DD. This is my Dad in John Deere heaven!

This is a Partridge. I wonder if he was looking for his pear tree?

And of course, what fair would be complete without chickens?

This was a Lego display put together by a 15 year old boy. Amazing!

This was called jewelry art. The piece was covered with old broaches and earrings and lit up with Christmas lights.

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  1. All kinds of cool things to look at and little bit of something for everyone! Your dad looks like he is right in his element there in John Deere land