Saturday, September 27, 2008

Summer Holiday: Corner Gas

On September 4, we decided on another day trip--this time we headed to Moose Jaw. Along the way, we pass through the small town of Roleau.

Roleau, AKA Dog River, is where they film the TV comedy series, Corner Gas.

The series' production team built a full-size mock gas station and coffee shop at the western entrance of the town for filming, causing confusion among visitors thinking Corner Gas and The Ruby were real establishments. The town's grain elevator was also repainted with the name "Dog River".

These are pictures of the set. When we stopped to take pictures, one of the production staff told us they were filming downtown on this particular day. We were told that we were welcome to drive over and take a look if we wanted.

This is the "Dog River" elevator that is seen in many of the shots in the series.

This is the view from the gas station and "The Ruby".
Downtown you can find the grocery store.....

....and the police station.

This is my parents sitting in front of the Police Station and my aunt to the right of the building.
We were lucky enough to catch some of the cast coming out of the "Town Hall" as we drove down the street.
Eric Peterson who plays, Oscar Leroy in the series spotted us and came on over to talk. "Oscar" spied my dad in the backseat and commented that it looked like we had our own "Oscar". LOL (You can see Brent Butt (in the black jacket holding a rolled up script) who plays Brent Herbert Leroy and Janet Wright (in the red jacket) who plays Emma Leroy in this picture with their backs turned to us.)
This is "Oscar" having a conversation with my Mom and Aunt who were in the front seat.

The highlight of the day was when Oscar introduced himself to us and reached in and shook my Dad's hand. Eric Peterson is a native of Saskatchewan, born in Indian Head, Saskatchewan. After a small conversation with "Oscar", we headed on to Moose Jaw. "Oscar" was always my Dad and I's favorite actor on the show. Because of this small act of kindness, he remains our favorite actor on this show!
They are filiming the last season of Corner Gas this fall. We will be sad to see the end of this show.


  1. OH, this is just to funny. My hubby and I really like to watch this show. Now I get to see pictures of it on your blog.

  2. What a cool story about meeting the some of the cast of a show that you enjoy watching! Your dad is a contemporary of the actor who plays Oscar?

  3. That is pretty cool Norma!! We quite enjoy watching Corner Gas. Oscar is my favourite as well.

    I drove through Moose Jaw this past summer - but on the TransCanada. I didn't see the Corner Gas town - I was thinking about it while we were there - wondering where it was. I did get some pictures of the big moose though -LOL

  4. I'm enjoying taking this vacation with you!