Saturday, September 27, 2008

Summer Holiday: Flying Home

Sadly, I reached the end of my holiday on September 7 and it was time to fly home. My parents were heading further east with a bus tour to see the Mealtimes and I flew back to BC.

It was quite cloudy when we were flying over Saskatchewan and Alberta and I couldn't see much. However, once we crossed the Rockies, the clouds parted and the view was terrific! This is part of the Rocky Mountain Range.
This is the Okanagan: Okanagan Lake on the left, Wood Lake on the top right and Kalamaka Lake on the lower right.
These mountains are part of the Cascade Mountain Range.
We are getting closer to home. This is Harrison Lake.

And another shot of Harrison Lake.

And finally, home at last!


  1. I enjoyed visiting with you on your holiday. Places I have never heard of or visited, but glad you found some quilt shops.

    Thought the eat cake quilt quite funny.
    Great photos from the plane!

  2. What a terrific view from the plane. Thanks so much for sharing all the pictures with bloggerland. Since blogger is not playing nice it is a wonder that you got them loaded.