Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy 23rd Birthday!

May 3 was my DS's 23rd birthday. This was also the day that my husband's family had chosen to celebrate my MIL's 80th birthday. My son was a little disappointed that his special day had been overshadowed by the 80th birthday celebrations and he would not be able to pick the menu for his birthday dinner. To help ease the disappointment, I took him out for a birthday breakfast. Here he is in the restaurant about to enjoy french toast and sausage.
After breakfast, we stopped by my parents' for a quick visit. This is myself, my son, my mom, and my dad. A neighbour was walking by and offered to take the picture for us.

This is the cake that was at my MIL's birthday celebration later in the day. All the grandchildren that have birthdays in the vicinity of Grandma were listed on the cake.

This is my MIL and some of her grandchildren.

Matthew's special birthday dinner was rescheduled to later in the week--Thursday, May 7th. Matthew celebrated with a menu of pancakes, sausage, and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

In our household, you get to request whatever you want for supper that day--even if it is breakfast for supper! LOL

Happy Birthday, M!


  1. Wonderful, wonderful blog. A lovely family day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy Birthday Matt - he sure looks happy with that ice cream cake!

  3. Matt looks a little happier in the more intimate family celebration. Hope he had a happy day on both days.

    I love your tradition of picking the menu for your bday meal. Obviously he is a breakfast sort of guy!! We often have bkfst for supper and in fact, DJ requested it when asked what he wanted before the grocery run.