Thursday, March 9, 2006

Crumb Quilt #2

I have started a second Crumb Quilt. These blocks are so easy to make and do not require any concentration at all. They are great blocks to make when you only have a few minutes to spare.

Sometimes quilt inspiration is like a dry well and you just can't get motivated to quilt. This is the perfect prescription for the un-inspired quilter. Working with leftover bits of previous projects jump starts the creative process again as you reflect on the memories of quilt projects past. (This is where the Ghost of Quilting Past appears!)

Instead of just sticking to one particular colour like I did with the green crumb block quilt, I have decided that anything goes with these blocks. It is hard to believe that a tangled mess like this..................

.................................turns into beautiful blocks like these!

I have made 30 blocks so far. I plan on making this into a queen size quilt so I will have to soon decide on the setting so that I know how many blocks to make in total.

I have set these blocks on a black background to take their picture. I am playing with the idea of alternate blocks of black or black sashing strips between the blocks. The advantage of plain alternate blocks is that there is room to showcase some quilting.

Since this quilt looks like it will have quite a bit of black in it, there is no danger of it being snatched by the quilt-napper, my mother. That means that this one will likely make it to the prospective gift pile. I need to get a few quilts ahead as I have two nieces that were recently engaged and are planning weddings for next Spring.

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