Friday, March 3, 2006

A Small Quilt for a Small Bear

After my grandmother, died, my mother commissioned a bear maker to make my grandmother's muskrat fur coat into three bears as a mementos for us. The bears were, Robert (my grandmother's first name was, Roberta) which belongs to my brother, Elva (my grandmother's middle name) which belongs to me, and Grandma which belongs to my mother.
Since Elva is owned by me and I am a quiltmaker, it was not long and I had made Elva her own quilt. This quilt is named, Canada Day. It is red and white - the colours of the Canadian flag and has a backing with small Canadian flags on it.

When my mother discovered that Elva had her own quilt, she wanted a quilt made for her bear. I decided that the quilt would be a gift for my mother for Mother's Day. I finished the quilt in April 2001 and took it to my local quilt guild for show and tell.

The guild was asked to develop a display to showcase quilting for the the local library. I was asked if I would loan my small quilt to this display for the month of April. These pictures are of the showcase as it appeared in the entrance of the library.

This is Grandma Bear with her now famous quilt.

These pictures show the details of the quilt. Take a look at the penny in the upper right hand corner. I have never made blocks this small since! I do not enjoy making quilts with triangles but I managed to make tiny half square triangles for this quilt using the "Square in a Square" ruler developed by Jodi Barrows.

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  1. This little quilt looks very nice, the blocks are so small and i like the colors. You post it last year but i just see it now.