Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Double 4 Patch - Completed Flimsy

My Double 4 Patch is to the flimsy stage. What a great start to a month of dieting--fabric purchase dieting, that is! This top was made completely from my stash.

This top finished 65" x 90". I learned a lot from the making of this quilt.

- Smaller quilts should be made from smaller pieces. The squares in this quilt finish at 2 1/2" square. If the quilt was larger, this size square would likely have worked better.

- If I had stuck to darker squares across the diagonal of each block and had darker corner stones, the diagonal lines that appear as a secondary design across the quilt would have been more pronounced.

- A scrappy border made from large chunks of fabric does not work on a small quilt. Again, a quilt with that type of border needs to be larger in size (and not displayed where critical husbands can view it.)

Note: I finished this flimsy earlier today. However, I had to wait until my DS came home to hold the quilt top for me so that I could take the picture. He is 6 ft. 7 1/2 inches tall and is the best quilt hanger I have on staff here. He grumbles a lot but he does the job. As he was holding this one up tonight I could hear him say from behind the quilt, "I wish I was a midget--then I wouldn't have to do this or hear you say, "hold it up just one more inch". *VBS*


  1. Tell him if he becomes a midget, you'd be able to make quilts of all the bottoms of his pant legs, from the knee down... :)

    And congrats on the completed flimsy! I agree with everyone else, the brown solid border looks much nicer on this quilt. WTG Norma!

  2. Now that it is all together and properly displayed *g* you can see just how well the border works, espcially with the brown sashing.

  3. those are great learnings... now if I could remember them :-)

  4. All my family is short so I have to photograph quilts on the bed. Lol. It's good to learn from each quilt and even better to be able to pass on what we learn, thanks to blogging. I do like the quilt as it is though.

  5. Great stash quilt! You go, girl! August's challenge will prove interesting to all of us!


  6. Don't be so hard on yourself the quilt is lovely. I see nothing wrong with it. I like it.

  7. Hi Norma, what a great scrap quilt. I like it alot, just the simplicity of it seems very homey and comfortable. Great job..also a high five to the quilt holder..*VBS*