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Pacific Northwest Quiltfest - August 12, 2006

As I mentioned in my last post, yesterday was the Pacific Northwest Quiltfest. Our guild organized a bus trip to this event two years ago and again this year. We filled a small bus with 20 quilters and headed south. (We had one extra seat at the back of the bus. One of the quilters joked that we should try to find someone to bring back with us to fill that seat. She mentioned something about him being good looking.)

If I had to sum up what I thought of the quilts at this show in one word, it would be WOW! We were told by one of the show's Board of Directors that 556 quilts were submitted for possible inclusion in the show, but only 223 quilts were juried into this show.

The outside of the Seattle Center was lined with bus after bus and everywhere you looked there were people! The show organizers were expecting at least 7,000 people to visit this show over the three days. Each person entering the exhibit was being presented with a donated quilt book--they ran out after 10,000 so I am confident that the 7,000 visitor mark was surpassed!

The Seattle Times ran a nice article showcasing this event and quilting in the Pacific Northwest in general. Take a look at it here: The Seattle Times: Northwest Quiltfest: nostalgia, technology fuel hobby's popularity

We started by looking at the special exhibit of antique quilts from 1850-1950. These quilts were housed in the same area as the collection of Boxes and Bowls and the "Wish You Were Here..." exhibit. The quilts in the "Wish You Were Here..." exhibit have been traveling for the last couple of years so many of you have likely seen them. They were to be auctioned off last night at the Gala dinner.

I was prepared to show you pictures of my favorite quilts, however, I was reading the show brochure last night and came across this:

Photography Policy
The public is allowed to take photographs of the exhibit. ... Photos taken at Quiltfest are for your personal enjoyment only. Copyright for the displayed quilts belongs to the quiltmakers. Photos are not to be used for any commercial purpose, and are not to be posted on websites without written permission from the copyright holders. Please be responsible in your use of the quilt photographs--help us to protect the rights of the quiltmakers.

So it would seem that my photos will remain in my private collection for viewing by me when I am in need of inspiration. I can tell you that my vote for Viewer's Choice was a quilt by Janet M. Fogg of Lake Oswego, Oregon called, "Kitty Corner". This quilt was also the favorite of the judging panel as it received Best of Show. This quilt was a large cat coming over the corner of the quilt and was a play on the traditional Puss in the Corner block. I also enjoyed the quilt by Shelia Finzer of Terrebonne, Oregon that featured the Kodiak brown bears, called "Welcome to Kodiak!" This quilt was also the favorite of my husband. (No, he didn't go, but he did watch some of my slides when I got home.) The near lifesize bears on this quilt were heavily threadpainted and looked like they were ready to walk off the quilt canvas.

As I walked around the vendor mall, I remembered my fabric diet and I did not weaken and purchase a single piece of fabric. I was on the lookout for a fabric that featured tulips for use in my quilt guild's challenge project, but alas, that piece of fabric was not to be found. I did purchase a pattern for Chicken Potholders and a show pin. That was it. The pattern was one I had seen on the internet a couple of years ago. I have never seen it in a quilt shop here in Canada and so I bought it at the show as I am not likely to come across it again. I collect quilt show / quilt guild pins so this pin will be added to my collection.

As we got off the bus at home, we were presented with packages of goodies that had been donated by our local quilt shop, Hamels Fabrics. Thank you Pauline for your generosity! The two fat quarters and packet of squares for Moda's "Cats that Cook" line are "calorie free" as they were a gift and I did not purchase them. We also received a cute Minkee Bear kit, pattern to make RJR Fabric's, Vineyard quilt and a Super Stitcher Card for Hamel's.

I am tired from a long day of traveling and walking, but at the same time I am energized! I can hardly wait to use some of the ideas gleaned from this show in some of my own projects!
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  1. sounds like a great time was had... but I'm sure you are tired, I am just thinking about all the activity :-)

  2. Sounds like lots and lots of fun! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Every time I go to a quilt show I always feel like I haven't done enough and feel like my work is not good enough. I do like getting ideas though and most of the time just walk around with my mouth open.LOL!

  4. I really like Janet Fogg's work too - I voted for one of her quilts for Viewers Choice at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show in February.

  5. Janet used to be in my small group before she moved to Oregon - she is an amazing quilter


  7. What fun it sounds like you had - and you didn't even have to worry about parking!

    I've ordered a couple of times from Hamel's online. It seems like a great shop, and what a nice treat for all of you.

  8. glad you enjoyed your time at the show.

  9. Sounds like a great fun trip. Good for you for not buying any fabric. Those fabric samples - the candy are just so cute! I have a small package myself that I got from the mail.

  10. How fun for you! Nothing like a quilt show day and pals to share it with.