Monday, August 7, 2006

Nine Patch Path - Leftovers

I spent most of yesterday in my quilt studio. I didn't time myself, but I would estimate that I was piecing for at least 6 hours. I am to the point of adding the borders to the Nine Patch Path - it is now 12 blocks in size.

I was going to post that I had finished the Leftover quilt to the flimsy stage. However, after looking at it again this morning, I think it needs something else, so I am taking it back into the studio for another border treatment. This black border was intended to "coral" all those little 1 1/2" squares and be the outer border. Now I am thinking that it should be an inner border with another outside border treatment. This piece is now approximately 32" square.

My quilts are "done" or complete when they feel like they are done or complete. This is why sometimes my quilts end up so large. I just keep working on them until they feel right. I am not big on planning my quilts. The rest of my life is pretty structured so I find it quite liberating to be so free with my quilting. I prefer to follow only the most basic quilting rules and let the rest "just happen".

Today is the B.C. Day holiday so no one is going to work today. Another day to spend in the quilt studio!


  1. Yes I agree - it needs something else. How about one or two more rows of checkerboard, and then a wider plain border? Right now the border looks out of proportion to the quilt. Just my opinion, of course - not worth much. I love what you did with your leftover squares in this top!

  2. I agree that it needs another border, maybe because it is so dark compared to the rest of the quilt. I think it will set it off very well when you add another border though. I just love your nine patches from last post.

  3. Can't wait to see what creative idea you come up with to finish this quilt. 32 inches isn't too big yet - so you have room to create.

  4. So far the quilt looks good. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  5. There is a quilt pattern that is named Chicklets - but yours looks more like chicklets than hers did. It is so cute - I love all those colors!