Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chicken Towne Purse

When Karen of Passionate Quilter fame posted her Towne Purse last week, her post reminded me that I have also made the same purse. I used chicken and egg fabrics for my version.

This is the front............
and this is the back.........
This pattern is called Towne Purse and it is from Lazy Girl Designs.

I use my purse for my hand work supplies. It is always stocked with a hand applique project so that if I need to grab a portable project in a hurry it is ready to go. Posted by Picasa


  1. This is really cute! I have one cut out and quilted but is as far as it got, LOL. Broke the zipper on the other one I did have made, the smaller sized one.

    Chickens! Your favorite.

  2. That is a cute bag. I will have to look for the pattern, as if I don't already have books and books of bag patterns, including several from Japan that are wonderful and just waiting to be made up.

  3. Very cute -- I love to keep something packed and ready to go on the road.

  4. That is one very cute bag, I love the chicken fabric. My Mum is a chicken nut and would love that for sure!

  5. YAY - You actually used your chicken fabrics!

  6. Now that is the perfect use for chicken fabrics! I'll have to keep my eyes open for that pattern, its a take along that doesn't look like another tote-and I like the zippered top.

  7. Great bag ( do you find eggs in it sometimes?) I have made a similar one also by Lazy Girl Patterns called City Bag. It had a good easy way to put the zip in but had a really bad thick folded over bass which I would cut out another time. I put a wooden slat in the bottom to make it stand. Mine is black and white and holds lots.