Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Halloween Hexagon Table Quilt #1 - Finished

This is a picture of the Halloween Hexagon Table Quilt. It is now finished. It rested on my dining room table only a short time......... .........the quilt has already been adopted and has a new home. Yes, you guessed it, my Mother is now the proud owner of the Halloween Hexagon Table Quilt!
The second picture is of the quilt on my mother's kitchen table.

You notice in my title that I have referred to this as Quilt #1. I will be working on a second version of this quilt for myself tonight.

I have been quilting during the last week--but not for myself. I have been busy finishing customer quilts. In between customer quilts I managed to sneak in the finishing of this small project. The reward for working on all those customer quilts is working on a fun project for myself. Linda J and I have been using a combination of rewards and encouraging each other to get through the projects on our list that need to happen--those things that we sometimes need a gentle push to get through.

I took this table topper to my Tuesday night Quilt Group and the girls loved it. In fact, they want a "class" on how to make this table topper so they can make their own Christmas versions. It looks like that class will be the evening of November 7 - weather permitting. November is a month where we can be surprised with ice and/or snow. If that happens, we will reschedule.

By the way, the glass pumpkin in the first picture is my newest purchase--filled will candy and ready for Halloween. I wonder if the candy will still be there on October 31st? *VBS*


  1. Candy wouldn't last long around our house especially if it is Snickers Fun bars, LOL. Well, this one was nice while it stayed with you anyway, however, temporarily. Your mom has good taste.

  2. It's just so cute! No wonder your Mom claimed it!

    And you do need to do some quality-control checks on that candy to make sure it's OK.

    Jeanne :)

  3. you found some great fabrics for your table topper -- it turned out very spooky.

  4. Looks great Norma - no wonder your mother wanted it! I'm glad you're going to make another one for yourself.

  5. I usually don't go for any halloween quilty things but that table quilt really is cute. I love the purple in it.

  6. I love it Norma! And I can see it would be wonderful made up for any holiday!

  7. How neat is looks on the table with the centerpiece. I'm taking notes. I really like this.

  8. Your toppers are very cute! I like the idea of using Xmas fabrics. I may have to give it a go!

  9. How great that you are going to give a class on how to make these! They really are a very fun table topper - maybe I will have to check the sales racks after Halloween for some fun novelty sales - for next year!!!