Monday, October 16, 2006

What Season Are You?

I see that many others are checking what season they are, so I jumped in. Spring is my favorite time of year. That is when the days are getting longer and warmer. Spring represents new life. It is so much fun watching for flowers to bloom, trees to come out in leaf, and watch the baby animals in the fields on the farms near here. So here it is.........

You Belong in Spring

Optimistic, lively, and almost always happy with the world...
You can truly appreciate the blooming nature of spring.
Whether you're planting flowers or dyeing Easter eggs, spring is definitely your season!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Norma, I think the spring season is exactly right for you *VBS* The bunny looks adorable and so so sweet. It all just seems to sound like I precieve you.

    And way to go on the post above with all the lovely flowers from you former co-workers...I know that you must have been treasured by them! Hugs, Finn