Sunday, April 15, 2007

Every Quilt Tells A Story

This is a picture of my Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt. This quilt was given to my niece as a wedding gift. Yesterday was Allison and Chris' wedding.
I included the following in the gift card with the quilt:
Every quilt tells a story…..

Every great story starts with a title. The title of this story is represented by the name of this quilt, “Bricks and Stepping Stones”.

This seems like an appropriate quilt for a young couple who are starting out their lives together. BRICKS represent the building of a home and life together. The STEPPING STONES are made from black and white fabrics which represent the good times and the bad times that lie ahead. Stay on the path of the STEPPING STONES and you are destined for a long happy life together—one that will survive everything that life throws your way—the good and the bad.

When your quilt reaches the point where it needs some laundering care, please wash on a gentle cycle in cold water with a cold water rinse. Use a product called “Oxi Clean Colour Catchers”. These useful little sheets catch stray dye in the wash and make sure that it isn’t deposited anywhere it isn’t welcome—i.e. red on white, etc. (The only place I have found to purchase Colour Catchers is Save on Foods.)

May the colours of your life together be bright and the threads of your life together be strong.
Quilted by Aunt Norma, April 14, 2007
These are some fun pictures from the wedding.

These are pictures of the wedding party's limo. They call it a limo-bus. It was huge!

This was the inside of the limo.

A picture of one of the bridesmaids and the bride.

Cutting the cake.

The bride and groom feeding cake to one another.

Pictures of the wedding cake. And, yes, those are frogs on the top of that cake!


  1. What nice sentiments on the card. Yes, a Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt seems perfect for a new couple. I love all the colors sliding from one to another! How long did this quilt take you to make for them? You've got me thinking again....

  2. What a lovely sentiment, as Tanya just said. You have quite a way with words, Norma. Food for thought for the young couple who are bound to love this wonderful scrappy quilt.

    The cake is really cute--frogs instead of the usual bride and groom. They really nailed each other with that cake, LOL.

  3. Love the gift card. When I got married we had an ISUZU pickup--- I guess travel has come along ways for weddings....