Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter

As I sit contemplating the events of the last three days, I am left with feelings of contentment resulting from a perfect weekend.

Easter and Spring are synonymous--this time of year is one celebration of life and new beginnings. Friday and Saturday were perfect spring days--warm and sunny. I spent Friday doing what I enjoy most--quilting. Joey and I spent the day in the studio with the windows open.

I also changed my display quilts to something more appropriate for the season--a little late this year, but the weather has not made it feel much like spring. There are two locations in my house where I try to change the quilts with the seasons. These first two pictures are the quilts that currently hang in the front entrance.

This is the dining room decorated with Spring / Easter quilts.

The pleasant weather continued on Saturday and I couldn't resist going outside. I spent some time pulling weeds and trimming the hydrangea.

Sunday, Dana and I attended the Easter service at church with my parents. The Easter story is at the heart of Christianity. I struggled with the right words to capture my thoughts and then found Johnny Hart's BC Easter cartoon. Sometimes a picture DOES say more than a thousand words!

No holiday would be complete without family. We finished the day around the dining room table enjoying another wonderful family meal with everyone present--Grandpa and Grandma (my parents), Harold, myself, Matt, Miranda, Dana, and Dusty. We enjoyed barbecued salmon, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, orange fluff (salad), peas, corn, and baking for desert.

There was also a generous distribution of chocolate and Easter candy supplied by a couple of Easter Bunny stand-ins.

After everyone left, I spent the last few hours of the day in my studio finishing up the quilting on my Debbie Mumm Building Blocks Quilt. I won't show you a picture yet as the threads still need to be tied off and buried inside the quilt. My quilts always look a little they need a hair cut when they are at this stage.

So this weekend was about all the things that are important to me: my faith, my family, quilting, my faithful companion: Joey, great weather, new life, and of course chocolate!

It is my hope that this weekend brought you an opportunity to enjoy those things that mean the most to you as well. Happy Easter to each of you!

This bunny belongs to Dana. It was a gift from her great aunt and godmother. He is animated and plays the song, Rockin' Robbin with the chick filling the role of back-up singer as he pops out of the egg. Very cute!

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  1. Did you see the story that the artist Johnny Hart that drew "B.C" passed away yesterday, unexpectedly, while working? Good cartoon and one a strip that always read.

    Definitely looks festive around your house and I see Dana's bunny worked into the display. Good to have the family all around the table to celebrate.

    Also your Building Blocks looks wonderful! The spirals may have been a little time consuming but they really add to the quilt's dimension. I almost got the 12 blocks of mine done today. I told DJ I could have stayed and sewed on that last strip piece but I would have been by myself at the sew in by that point. He was hoping I would be home to have supper with him. The blocks can wait till tomorrow.