Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award


Who, me?

These are the comments I made when I read Tanya's post on April 12, and realized she had tagged me with a Thinking Blogger Award. I have been stuck trying to come up with an appropriate response to such an honor ever since.

This morning while I was catching up on my blog reading, I find that Patti has also tagged me with the same award.

Now I am truly speechless!

Tanya recently "discovered" my blog. Tanya lives in Japan. I am always amazed when I receive messages from people in other parts of the world. I ponder how on earth they found me and love the fact that they thought enough to leave me a comment so I know they were there. After Tanya left me her first comment, I went back and read her blog. I have enjoyed keeping track of Tanya and her family and learning about a new country. You can visit Tanya here:

As Patti mentioned in her post, we met in person last August at the Pacific Northwest Quilt Fest. Patti was purchasing show souvenirs in line ahead of me and I caught a glimpse of her profile and recognized her from photos in her post. I hope someday we will be able to connect again in person! In the meantime, I thoroughly enjoy Patti's quilts--Patti is a great appliquer, fearless machine quilter, and a leader in showing us how to use up our scraps. You can visit Patti here:

Thank you both Tanya and Patti. I am honored!

My nominations for the Thinking Blogger award go out to:

LindaJ: Linda and I "clicked" from the beginning. I had read her blog faithfully sometime before I left my first comment. LindaJ is an inspiration in quilting for others. I think there are few others who can equal her determination and drive in the creation of charity quilts! LindaJ's generous soul and enthusiasm for charity quilting is obviously contagious to those around her as she inspires the Belles and others to join her cause. Many children have benefited in the past as I am sure they will continue to be blessed in the future by receiving one of LindaJ's quilts. LindJ and I have exchanged many pattern ideas and when I am stuck for the name of something or where I may have seen something, LindaJ's fling system retrieves the information with lightening speed. LindaJ is the reason that I am keeping up with my monthly goals. It was LindaJ's idea to make a list at the beginning of the year of a project each month that I wanted to finish. I can rest assured that lindaJ will keep me to task and will ensure that I don't stray; at least not too far *LOL*. LindaJ and I have had many coffee breaks while chatting on line. I live for the day that Linda and I will be able to sit at the same table and enjoy that cup of coffee without computers and many, many, many miles between us. Visit LindaJ here:

Pam: Pam is another generous individual. Pam has a great sense of humor and we have exchanged many laughs while chatting on line. When I commented that I wished I could purchase St. Patrick's Day fabric here in Canada, a package arrived from Pam--chock full of shamrock fabric. I need to overcome my phobia of cutting into such a precious treasure and make something for next St. Patrick's Day! It is Pam and Linda that have inspired me to stay on track with my Block of the Month Snowman Bluework blocks. I don't think I will every keep up with the speed that they both can turn out these blocks, but they keep me moving forward as I try to run behind them to catch up. Family is very important to Pam and her posts have included wonderful visits with her Mom. Lately, we have been missing Pam as she takes some time away to grieve from the recent loss of her lovely mother. Visit Pam here:

Cher: Cher is the fourth in our informal on-line chatting group. Thanks to LindaJ I have been introduced to both Pam and Cher. These ladies have been wonderful in including me as a newcomer into the fold. Cher and I share professions and similar work demands on our time. It is great to know you aren't alone when work pressures get in the way of our live; there is someone out there who truly "gets it". Visit Cher here:

Mary: Mary has a long arm quilting machine like I do. Mary and I are both fans of the Circle Lord family of products for our long arms. I am inspired by what Mary can do with her Long Arm. Lately, Mary has been posting oodles of setting ideas on how to use up the string blocks we have all been piecing. A true "make do" with what you have on hand quilter! Visit Mary here:

Jeanne: I have a notebook I keep of ideas for future quilts. Scrap quilts are my first love. When I go back to my notebook to see what ideas I have saved, I find many many quilts by Jeanne. It is obvious to me that we share a love of the same kind of quilt! Don't forget that it was Jeanne who inspired JudyL to develop the Gratitude Hour a Day Quilt pattern. You can visit Jeanne here: You can visit JudyL here:

In the spirit of the Thinking Blogger Award, I have only nominated 5 bloggers for this award. I track hundreds of quilt-related blogs on my computer and of those quilters inspire me in some way and influence the direction that my quilting is going. Blogging has opened up a whole world of new friends sharing the same interests as well as enabled me to keep track of the lives and creativity of old friends. Keep up the good work everyone!


  1. I didnt realize that you nominated me, Norma till right this minute. I feel honored and truly appreciate your comments not only about me but a couple of my dear friends. I am so happy to include you in that number. I am blessed.

  2. oops, one other thing---you are going to need to kick my sorry butt to get some of my own work done but wait till I tell you we have enough quilts, LOL. I'll be lucky to get my August block done at this rate.

  3. Thanks, Norma!
    Big smile, Jeanne :)

  4. whoa! I innocently move on in my list to catch up with you and what do I find? how very kind of you Norma...and when I "find" some time I will post something related on my's more show photos and a dash out the door!