Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Grad 2006

On Monday, my mother and I took my daughter grad dress shopping. I dreaded the experience as I anticipated that it would be something like shopping for bathing suits for my daughter. It seems we shop forever looking for the "perfect" suit that seems to elude us forever. However, we went into Abbotsford and were pleasantly surprised when they had the perfect dress for my daughter with the neckline that suits her best - halter style - in the colour that she wanted - pink - with the features that she wanted most - some poof, no mermaid look, not too poofy, with a lace up back. Imagine it, the perfect dress - right off the start. Her size is now being ordered in. We anticipate the dress to arrive in three months - lots of time before grad on June 30. Now we just need to find the shoes and accessories. That shouldn't be too bad. The worst is over!

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  1. Aw! My mom is the greatest!Thanks a billion & two for taking me shopping!