Monday, January 30, 2006

Need More Blocks

My Mother has been watching my blog for prospective quilts for her bed. She spied the Green Crumb Block Quilt on-line and when she was over for coffee Friday night she wanted to have a look at it. She says she will only borrow it. However, when we tried it out on my queen size bed, she declared it too narrow for her needs. As a result, I will be making another row of 9 blocks making the total blocks in this quilt, 63. With the borders I plan to put on the quilt, it should finish 96" x 116". What are the odds that she is only thinking of "borrowing" this quilt?

This is a picture of a log cabin quilt that I made my parents for Christmas a few years ago. It finished 94" wide which makes a nice drop down the side of the mattress.

My Mother wants "her" Crumb Block quilt to finish at least the size of this quilt!

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