Sunday, January 15, 2006

UFO Progress

I worked on my Rail Fence Around the World quilt on Friday night. The binding is half sewn to the back of the quilt. I will try to finish it tonight during Desperate Housewives. My husband and I are hooked on this show and the weekend is not complete until we have watched the latest episode.

I did stray a bit from the completion of my UFOs. I was surfing the net yesterday and came across a new way to use up bits of fabric left from other projects. This technique is called "crumb quilting" and is very mindless. I find this type of block construction relaxing and low stress--absolutely nothing to match. You just keep joining fabric bits together until you have a piece the size you want and then you trim to size. The blocks I made were trimmed to 8 1/2 inches. I managed to make six blocks yesterday. The only rules I respected in the construction of these blocks were that the fabric scraps I used were green or contained a green element and two fabrics that touched could not be the same fabric.

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