Sunday, January 22, 2006


Yesterday I finished another four "crumb blocks"--total complete blocks now number 10. My long-distance quilting friend, Helen says her next project is going to be the crumb blocks she saw here on my site.

While I was looking through some magazines last night, I noticed a pattern in Quiltmaker from March/April 2004 - Issue No. 96 that looks similar to my crumb blocks set into a log cabin pattern. The crumb block becomes the center of the log cabin block and then there are 3 logs around the crumb center. The pattern in Quiltmaker has 4" square blocks that are paper pieced. My blocks finish 8" so my log cabin would over 12". Since my crumb blocks are mostly green I am not sure what colours my logs would for thought.

Originally I thought I would just sash the blocks, add corner stones and finish the quilt. However, the more I think about it, the more possibilities there seem to be. Tthis is proving to be not only a quick block but a versatile one as well. The possibilities seem endless.

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