Saturday, September 23, 2006

Christmas Stack'N Whack

Today I have been working at putting together the Stack'N Whack blocks that I made over a year ago. The blocks are now all together and the sides are squared up - ready for borders. If all goes well, I should be able to put on the borders tomorrow.

We are also painting the living areas of the house - living room, dining room, hallway, and stairwell. The walls were previously an off white--very boring. I chose an olive green to paint the walls. The colour is called, Moselle and is General Paint number 8184. I wanted the darker, 8185 Ardmore Green. My choice was a little too much for my husband--he thought the colour was too dark. We compromised and went with the colour that was one shade lighter (8184). My husband has agreed that after we have finished painting all the walls but one, we can decide if we want to paint that last wall a shade darker--8185. I think that is a fair compromise. The walls are turning out fabulous.


  1. Very, very pretty quilt. I've never made a Stack and Whack.

  2. Cool quilt. I've never made a stack and whack either. Good luck with the painting!

  3. I have never done stack and whack before. Your's turned out great. The wheels look like they are spinning.

  4. Oooh, love your Stack 'n Whack! And your olive green walls sound devine! I would love to paint some of my boring beige walls but hubby is not interested in that--and I don't "do" ladders anymore!!!

  5. My computer is making the paint chip look taupe-y more than green but either would be fine with what I call "primer, real estate" beige.

    I hope so pictures will be taken once hubby is done painting and you have everything back where it belongs.

    Love the S & W---I've got blocks made for one of my own, somewhere. Another UFO on my list.

  6. Your quilt makes me think of a kalidescope -- the wheels look like they are spinning into new designs.

    Your paint color is great. It looks similar to the color we have used in our living areas and the darker (8185) is like the color we just used in our bedroom. It did seem dark at first, but we are very happy with it. Have fun.

  7. Christmas Stack-n-Whack...very nice.

    We added color to 2 walls in our bedroom this past spring, a first for us. We both fell in love with it the very second we got it up there. So glad you stepped out on a limb and found you liked color as well.

  8. Paint colors are always hard to choose. I know that my hubby and I had a hard time choosing them for our house as well.

    I love that stack and whack in your pic. Is it pinks and greens?

  9. We painted when we moved into this house and almost all the rooms have a wall that is one shade darker - I love the effect and it's not overpowering at all.

  10. I know lots of people who paint the wall that gets less light a lighter color and the wall that gets full sun - the darker color. 2 tone-ing it is lots of fun - makes one stop and take a 2nd look sometimes! Enjoy your new paint color!

    Great S&W in progress - I never made one as I just can't seem to ever find a fabric that I think would be perfect for a S&W - but maybe someday... They are neat!



  11. the S&W is looking GREAT Norma!!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Norma, what a pretty christmas quilt. It reminds me of snowflakes..*VBS*
    Loved seeing your pincushions too! I think almost all of us must have a chicken..LOL Hugs, Finn

  13. Your quilt top looks lovely Norma, I've never made a S&W before, but I'm always impressed with the results.
    How fun that you're painting, it's amazing how different your house can look after it's been freshly painted. I've recently done the same myself ... and in green too!