Monday, September 25, 2006

Painting and Quilt Studio Treasures

There hasn't been much quilting going on in this house lately. I am still working on the borders for that Stack'N Whack. It is a good job no one is paying me by the hour to finish that quilt because they would never afford it when I am done!

These are two pictures of my husband painting the stair well. It made me nervous to see him on his homemade scaffolding as he painted. My husband paints and I clean up after him. The arrangement seems to be working.

This has proven to be the perfect opportunity to sort through things in the hall closets and thoroughly clean and wash things in and on top of cabinets as they are put back in their places. Some things will never be returned--they will just be discarded.
You can really see the contrast in the old wall colour - white - and the new paint. Quite a change!

What you can't see in this second picture is the ladder that is holding up the plank on the far end. The plank is balanced on the top of the ladder on one end and on the upstairs floor on the nearest end. Notice the coffee cup--never too far away!

Others have not only shown us their pincushions, but have shown us the other treasures in their quilt studios as well. These are three little Hallmark Christmas ornaments that my mother has given me over the years. Each one has a "quilty" theme so I don't want to put them away after Christmas. These ornaments live in my quilt studio year round.


  1. Tell your husband to be careful!! My mom rigged up some scaffolding several years ago and it scared me half to death. Cute like ornaments!

  2. Ohhhhh, that picture practically gives me vertigo just looking at it... lol

    Cute little thimble headed guys with the basket! I think at my house though, they'd end up with all the 'real' cat toys under the couch. :)

  3. just looking at the photo of your husband balancing on the plank makes me nervous. I like the color you've chosen for the walls.

    Your little ornaments are so cute. I wouldn't want to put them away either.

  4. Oooh, that scaffold is scary!
    The new color is good -- it doesn't seem dark to me at all!

  5. Oh, that plank doesn't look wide enough for comfort! Your husband obviously has no fear of heights. You'd never get me up there like that!

    Love the new colors - colored walls are so much better. We got rid of every white wall in our hous LONG ago!

  6. Is he working without a net ?*s* I love the color and the ornaments are adorable, too.

  7. That "scaffolding" does look a little precarious. Hope he's careful!

  8. Oh, he is scaring me too, Norma! But you probably cannot make him understand that. Still, he is getting the job done--stairwells cannot be easy to do. Like the color--is he more used to it by now??

    Cute goodies there--I would leave them out year round. My cow in wreath and little bundled up dude on my computer top year round--too cute not to.

  9. You wouldn't catch me on scaffolding like that. Your husband is brave. Your ornaments are adorable. I would definitely keep them out all year long too.

  10. The wall color looks great but I'm with everyone else, that scaffolding makes me nervous!

  11. The colour looks great :-)
    I do not dare to look more on the painter's arrangement. My DH is the same kind. I am always happy when he is done.

  12. Oh, painting on the stairs looks dangerous! Is it all done now?

    Judy L.

  13. Norma,
    I did that same type of scaffolding when I wallpapered a house entryway in MN. It FREAKED me out but it worked! Glad he's safe!

    Love the Christmas S&W as well!

  14. Hi Norma, boy, I see what you mean about that scaffolding1 Looks scary!

    love the CHristmas ornaments that stay out year round. Got me to thinking that I have one of those...something with a thimble on it, like yours. Hmmmmm?? I think I'll have to leave it out this year when the holidays are over.
    Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Finn