Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pumpkin Quilt for Fall

The weather has definitely changed. When we left for Vegas on Sept. 8, the weather was still warm and summer like. We returned to rain and 62 degrees on Sept. 13. We are definitely into Fall weather.

A change in seasons triggers a changing of the quilts in my house. This quilt is my pumpkin quilt. I finished it last September.

The pattern is called, "Warm Wishes" and was in the Nov/Dec, Issue #64 of Quiltmaker magazine.
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  1. Very cute - I used this pattern to make my Mom a Christmas quilt one year.

    I've only been to Vegas once and just for a couple days - I love slot machines so I spent my time dropping quarters.

  2. Very nice fall quilt. Is it on the wall or on a bed?

  3. I love the shell pattern in the quilting.

  4. Fun pumpkin fabric!

    I'm an autumn-a-holic!!!

    Jeanne :)

  5. Nice quilt for Fall - and it shows off the fabric so well.

  6. i'm just catching up on reading blogs so i've just seen your photos of Vegas. Just by looking at your photos i would love to visit there if we ever get back to the US.

    Your Pumpkin quilt is lovely. Autumn is my favourite season.

  7. Your pumpkin quilt looks perfect snuggling up on a cool fall day.

  8. Oooh, what a yummy pumpkin quilt. Perfect for fall. I really like the color combination.

  9. I love how differently each quilt in this pattern turns out--one that I have considered several times for the donation quilts but have not made yet.

    Looks terrific in the fall tones you used, Norma!