Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Baking and Decorating

It is definitely starting to feel like Christmas around here! My daughter looked after the baking of some Christmas cookies while her brother and girlfriend looked after decorating the tree.

A favorite cookie in this household has always been "Smartie cookies". The cookbook calls them Frog Eyes but we have renamed them Smartie cookies. Since the kids were small we would make these cookies decorating them to reflect the season. You can buy Smarties and M&Ms coated in colours to match the seasons--Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter, etc.

This my daughter baking Christmas Smartie cookies.

This is my son and his girlfriend decorating the tree.

Another shot showing the "supervisor" of the operation--Dad!


  1. The log cabin quilt is beautiful. The supervisor looks like he is going a great job too.

  2. I can practically smell the cookies -- hope to have a chance to bake this week. The quilt is a beauty. I love log cabins, too.

  3. Have we seen that quilt on the "chesterfield" - at least that is what I think my Canadian Aunt calls a sofa.

    & the recipe.... (I have some mint M&M's - the best part of winter IMHO!)

  4. LOL - we have the same kind of "supervisor" in our house! Except this year when the kids and I decorated the tree Dad was so tired he fell asleep on the sofa.