Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Crumb Quilt is Finished and Has a New Home

Remember the crumb quilt flimsy that I showed back in February? I managed to quilt this top between customer quilts this fall. The last stitches went into the binding in November and I just presented the finished quilt to my parents as part of their Christmas present tonight.

This year, my parents spent Christmas with my brother and his family and they were not around for the exchanging of presents on Christmas morning. They came back from the interior of the province today and we are glad to have them home!

We had quite the lively discussion about using quilts tonight. I consider this quilt not to be an heirloom quilt. This quilt is a scrap utility quilt--made to be used. My mother treasures my quilts to the point of being afraid to use them for fear something might happen to them.

When my parents left tonight, they had strict instructions that this quilt was not to be treated as an heirloom quilt, but rather to be used as a utility quilt to be slept under on a nightly basis, not removed from the bed at night only to be replaced as a decoration for the bed during the day. I assured my mother that the construction of this quilt would withstand machine washing and drying if necessary. ..............My husband added that if she didn't use her quilts, the quilter might stop making them. After all, if you don't use the quilts made so far, you must not need any more.
I did not put a label on this quilt yet. I was not sure what to put on the label until tonight. Mom, I will be over to add this poem to the back of your quilt at a later date:

This quilt is made of cloth and thread

To place upon your little bed.

It's not an heirloom-just to keep,

But to lay upon as you count sheep.

So use it up and wear it out-I promise I won't yell or pout.

Just tell me when its days are through,

And I'll make another, just for you.


  1. It's hard to grasp sometimes that it's okay to use things. My mom and grandma had drawers full of things that were being saved "for good." I decided the "good" is ME *s* and try to encourage others to do the same. The quilt looks great -- I hope they use it and feel the warmth of your love every day.

  2. It's nice to use quilts but I got a Sunbonnet Sue for a wedding gift and used it. Now it's worn out and gone and I really wish I had saved it more. I do want my gift quilts to be used though and I love your little poem. Did you write it? Your crumb quilt is beautiful.

  3. Perfect, Norma, the quilt AND the poem. :D

  4. Ohhh, I love that little poem, and this year my goal is to make everyone one (sons, dils, dgc,dh) their own couch/cuddle quilts. May I use your poem, it is just perfect!

  5. wonderful poem -- hope your parents are able to become comfortable with the switch of idea to "using a quilt".... :-)

  6. Neat quilt! I like the way the white sashing makes the darker squares all appear almost 3D, receding.

    Great poem too. :)

  7. I hope they do use it. There's nothing better than cuddling up under a warm hand made quilt at night. SIGH.

  8. That's such a great poem. Quilts should be used and enjoyed. I hope they do enjoy it.

  9. I hope that the message is heeded, Norma. It is lovely and should be used! Harold had a good point.

    We'll be off for the family gathering first thing tomorrow---hoping the weather holds!

  10. I love the limited colour palette of your crumb quilt and the poem is perfect!

  11. Such a great looking quilt from bits and pieces. I hope your parents do use the quilt - I'm sad that most of mine are now folded up in a wardrobe since I no longer have beds to put them on or as many chairs and railings to throw them across. I did put 2 on our bed last night when we needed an extra layer.

  12. What a great picture of your parents with the quilt. I love the little poem you made up!