Saturday, December 2, 2006

November 2006 - A Month For the Record Books

The headline on the front page of our local paper for the last day of November read, "A November to remember--wettest month ever--snowiest November ever--wind, flood, ice...but no locusts--yet". Well that statement does sum it up. I am thrilled that the month of November is behind us.

For November 2006, the snowfall and precipitation was the heaviest since statistics started being kept in 1937.

The month started out with Vancouver receiving 14.4 mm of rain on November 3 and a further 44.6 mm on November 4. This was the month's biggest one-day total of rain.

On November 5, heavy rains swelled the Chilliwack River flooding homes and causing the evacuation of hundreds. Flows peaked at 1,040 cubic metres per second up from a normal rate of 20 cubic metres per second.

November 15 brought 100km/hr-plus winds which snapped trees and left many homes in the province without power. The Sea-to-Sky Highway closed because of fallen trees and BC Ferries cancelled sailings.

November 16 brought a boil water advisory to Vancouver and surrounding cities. The turbidity levels in the reservoirs caused by the heavy rains did not result in contamination but the advisory held due to the level of murkiness.
Abbotsford broke the one-day snowfall record with 53.1 cm falling on November 25.

November 26 brought a further 44 cm of snow which combined with the arctic front resulted in below normal temperatures and ice formed.

November 27 continued to bring snow. Schools and universities were closed and the RCMP advised against travelling the highway. The arctic air continued to sit over the Lower Mainland sending temperatures to -12 and lower with the wind chill factor.

November 29 brought yet more snow followed by sleet and finally warmer temperatures and rain.

Today we are still dealing with this white stuff. The sun is shining and the temperatures are up from the past week. However, evening brings lots of black ice resulting from the snow melting during the day and freezing after sun down. Driving is still treacherous!

These are pictures of what it looks like outside here today.
This is the view from my office.
This is the view off of our back deck. A little nicer weather than the pictures that I took last weekend from the same vantage point!

And then the front of the house.

And the view down our street.


  1. I personally like the snow especially aronud CHristmas but the ice on the roads is another story. BC has been making headlines all over Canada with it's November weather. Hopefully the rest of the winter will be a bit easier.

  2. Oh my - you BC folks sure did have your share of ugly weather. You know I'm terribly jealous of your snow. Not the rain, however - we had our share. I've seen the devistation up on Mt. Raininer - many pictures - simply horrible from the rain. They will be lucky to get the park open this year at all.

  3. It looks beautiful, and I wouldn't mind being there if I were inside with a huge fire blazing and didn't have to go out until late spring or early summer. Thanks for sharing the view. That mountain down the street is just lovely.

  4. Beautiful pictures, what views you have every day! Awfully chilly looking though, right now!

  5. I love your scenery. I love winter and I can't wait for it to get to New Hampshire.

  6. I so glad that you share these pictures, your town looks like a place that I would love to spend some time-as long as I didn't 'have' to go out.

  7. I would say enough is enough! Too early in the year for having weather than normally comes month or so later. Rain, floods and snow all in the same month?

    I love the scenery around your house--sure looks different than the Japanese maples view of a few weeks back.