Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Christmas Quilts

These are two quilts that are currently hanging in my entrance.

This first quilt is a small wall hanging that I made in 1999. This quilt is called, "Snowmen Melt Your Heart."

This quilt is made from Shoe Fly blocks and was finished in 2002. Both quilts share the same snowman print fabric for their borders.


  1. Both quilts are just darling. I can't quite decide which I like best, though I normally just go straight for anything that's shoo-fly! Of course, snowmen are just too appealing, too, so it's hard to choose between them.

  2. Isn't it funny how some fabrics you seem to have forever - I like to add a little bit of these fabrics to a quilt here, a quilt there... I think I see some fabrics here that were also in your son & daughter's Christmas quilts!!! And finally, when I use up the last scrap of such a fabric it is with a bit of a bitter/sweet feeling - almost like saying goodbye, except it is there in so many quilts!

    Both quilts are nice and I really liked the ones you made your kids too!