Friday, April 21, 2006

Fill Up?

I was reading Vicky's blog about the price of gas in California. Vicky paid $3.159 per US gallon for fuel. If it helps, Vicky, this is such a deal!

$3.159 per US gallon works out to 83 cents per litre. This morning, I paid $1.094 per liter for fuel. That works out to $4.19 per US gallon.

(I haven't factored into this equation the conversion of US dollars to Canadian dollars so the gap will shrink a bit. Gas is definitely more expensive in Canada than the US.)

According to the news, the high price of gasoline is here to stay for a while. The following cartoons were sent to me by a friend and seem quite timely.


  1. A friend told me what she was paying in Canada, both for gas and fabric! Unbelievable!

    Growing up in an oil and gas producing state, I understand why this is all happening. I'm usually opposed to government regulations, but in this instance, to quote a football player I heard once in a TV interview, "Something has gotta get did!" Before long, the average person is not going to be able to afford to go to work, and more and more folks will be shopping online.

    Sorry for ranting here .... guess I'll need to plan my outings better!


  2. Yikes! I knew your fabric was more expensive, but I guess I neer thought about gas prices there.

  3. All too true, sadly. When we could have conserved, we didn't.